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EC Number
drug development
the enzyme is an attractive antiviral drug target because it is essential for coronaviral replication. Targeting the enzyme with antiviral drugs may have an advantage in not only inhibiting viral replication but also inhibiting the dysregulation of signaling cascades in infected cells that may lead to cell death in surrounding, uninfected cells
antiviral therapy
PLpro is an important target for development of antiviral drugs that would inhibit viral replication and reduce mortality associated with outbreaks of SARS-CoV
the enzyme is a potential targets for antiviral drug development
vaccination of Shetland mares, either with deubiquitinase DUB-positive or DUB-negative recombinant equine arteritis virus. Upon challenge with the virulent KY84 strain of equine arteritis virus, both vaccine viruses proved to be replication competent in vivo. The DUB-negative virus provides a similar degree of protection against clinical disease as its DUB-positive parental counterpart. A possible improvement due to inactivation of PLP2 DUB activity could not be detected under these experimental conditions
viral strategy to modulate the host cell ubiquitination machinery to its advantage
Results 1 - 6 of 6