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  • Hong, C.E.; Ha, Y.I.; Choi, H.; Moon, J.Y.; Lee, J.; Shin, A.Y.; Park, C.J.; Yoon, G.M.; Kwon, S.Y.; Jo, I.H.; Park, J.M.
    Silencing of an alpha-dioxygenase gene, Ca-DOX, retards growth and suppresses basal disease resistance responses in Capsicum annum (2017), Plant Mol. Biol., 93, 497-509 .
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Capsicum annuum

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physiological function down-regulation of alphaDOX enhances susceptibility to bacterial pathogens and suppresses the hypersensitive response via the suppression of pathogenesis-related genes such as PR4, proteinase inhibitor II and lipid transfer protein PR14. alpha-DOX-silenced pepper plants also exhibit more retarded growth with lower epidermal cell numbers and reduced cell wall thickness than control plants Capsicum annuum