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FRENDA (Full Reference ENzyme DAta) is a supplement to BRENDA that is available to the public since BRENDA release 6.2 (June 2006). FRENDA aims at providing an exhaustive collection of literature references containing organism-specific enzyme information.

Contents of FRENDA

(July 2016)

FRENDA currently covers nearly 7 million enzyme/organism/reference combinations (nearly 600,000 enzyme/organism combinations) extracted from about 26 million PubMed abstracts.


More than 26 million PubMed reference - titles and when available abstracts - (status: July 2016) are analyzed in a cooccurence based textmining approach. FRENDA uses a dictionary-based approach for detecting named entities in titles and abstracts. Search terms for enzyme names and organism names are compiled from BRENDA and NCBI Taxonomy.
References with enzyme hits in title, abstract or MeSH terms are searched for co-occuring organism names (scientific names and synonyms).


The text mining results were classified into 4 reliability categories depending on the occurrence of search terms in title and/or abstract and/or MeSH terms. This classification is provided with the commentaries in the FRENDA database.
The precision of the text mining approach was evaluated by means of a manually annotated text corpus of 1000 randomly selected abstracts.


The FRENDA supplement is freely accessible for academic users. Commercial use requires a license - See copyright notice