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EC Details
EC number
Accepted name
aerobic carbon monoxide dehydrogenase
CO + a quinone + H2O = CO2 + a quinol
Other name(s)
MoCu-CODH, coxSML (gene names), molybdoenzyme carbon monoxide dehydrogenase
Systematic name
carbon-monoxide,water:quinone oxidoreductase
This enzyme, found in carboxydotrophic bacteria, catalyses the oxidation of CO to CO2 under aerobic conditions. The enzyme contains a binuclear Mo-Cu cluster in which the copper is ligated to a molybdopterin center via a sulfur bridge. The enzyme also contains two [2Fe-2S] clusters and FAD, and belongs to the xanthine oxidoreductase family. The CO2 that is produced is assimilated by the Calvin-Benson-Basham cycle, while the electrons are transferred to a quinone via the FAD site, and continue through the electron transfer chain to a dioxygen terminal acceptor [5]. cf. EC, anaerobic carbon monoxide dehydrogenase.
created 2016
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