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Accepted name
D-arginine dehydrogenase
D-arginine + acceptor + H2O = 5-guanidino-2-oxopentanoate + NH3 + reduced acceptor (overall reaction);;(1a) D-arginine + acceptor = iminoarginine + reduced acceptor;;(1b) iminoarginine + H2O = 5-guanidino-2-oxopentanoate + NH3 (spontaneous)
Other name(s)
D-amino-acid:(acceptor) oxidoreductase (deaminating), D-amino-acid dehydrogenase, D-amino-acid:acceptor oxidoreductase (deaminating)
Systematic name
D-arginine:acceptor oxidoreductase (deaminating)
CAS registry number
Contains a non-covalent FAD cofactor. The enzyme, which has been isolated from the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1, forms with EC, L-arginine dehydrogenase, a two-enzyme complex involved in the racemization of D- and L-arginine. The enzyme has a broad substrate range and can act on most D-amino acids with the exception of D-glutamate and D-aspartate. However, activity is maximal with D-arginine and D-lysine. Not active on glycine.
created 1972 as EC, transferred 2015 to EC, modified 2017
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