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EC number
Accepted name
glycine oxidase
glycine + H2O + O2 = glyoxylate + NH3 + H2O2 (overall reaction);;(1a) glycine + O2 = 2-iminoacetate + H2O2;;(1b) 2-iminoacetate + H2O = glyoxylate + NH3
Systematic name
glycine:oxygen oxidoreductase (deaminating)
CAS registry number
A flavoenzyme containing non-covalently bound FAD. The enzyme from Bacillus subtilis is active with glycine, sarcosine, N-ethylglycine, D-alanine, D-α-aminobutyrate, D-proline, D-pipecolate and N-methyl-D-alanine. It differs from EC, D-amino-acid oxidase, due to its activity on sarcosine and D-pipecolate. The intermediate 2-iminoacetate is used directly by EC, thiazole synthase.
created 2002, modified 2012
EC Tree created 1972, deleted 1984 created 2000, deleted 2003 proposed 2000