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EC number
Accepted name
D-glutamate(D-aspartate) oxidase
(1) D-glutamate + H2O + O2 = 2-oxoglutarate + NH3 + H2O2;;(2) D-aspartate + H2O + O2 = oxaloacetate + NH3 + H2O2
Other name(s)
D-glutamic-aspartic oxidase, D-monoaminodicarboxylic acid oxidase
Systematic name
D-glutamate(D-aspartate):oxygen oxidoreductase (deaminating)
CAS registry number
A flavoprotein (FAD). D-Glutamate and D-aspartate are oxidized at the same rate. Other D-monoaminodicarboxylates, and other D- and L-amino acids, are not oxidized. cf. EC, D-glutamate oxidase and EC, D-aspartate oxidase.
created 1983, modified 2012
EC Tree created 1972, deleted 1984 created 2000, deleted 2003 proposed 2000