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EC number
Accepted name
leucoanthocyanidin reductase
(2R,3S)-catechin + NADP+ + H2O = 2,3-trans-3,4-cis-leucocyanidin + NADPH + H+
Other name(s)
leucocyanidin reductase
Systematic name
(2R,3S)-catechin:NADP+ 4-oxidoreductase
CAS registry number
The enzyme catalyses the synthesis of catechin, catechin-4β-ol (leucocyanidin) and the related flavan-3-ols afzelechin and gallocatechin, which are initiating monomers in the synthesis of plant polymeric proanthocyanidins or condensed tannins. While 2,3-trans-3,4-cis-leucocyanidin is the preferred flavan-3,4-diol substrate, 2,3-trans-3,4-cis-leucodelphinidin and 2,3-trans-3,4-cis-leucopelargonidin can also act as substrates, but more slowly. NADH can replace NADPH but is oxidized more slowly.
created 2003
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