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BRENDA support NAD(P)H oxidase (H2O2-forming)

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100787949, 100812342, 100820185, Atrbohc, AtrbohD NADPH oxidase, AtrbohF NADPH oxidase, BLI-3, cytochrome b-245 heavy chain, dual oxidase, Duox, Duox-DuoxA NADPH oxidase, Duox1, Duox2, Glyma.03G236300, Glyma.19G233900, Glyma.20G236200, GLYMA_10G152200, gp91phox, gp91phox/Nox2, KOD1, large NOX, LNOX, NAD(P)H oxidase, NAD(P)H oxidase 4, NADH oxidase, NADPH oxidase, NADPH oxidase 1, NADPH oxidase 2, NADPH oxidase 4, NADPH oxidase 5, NADPH oxidase type 4, NADPH-oxidase, NADPHox, NAPDH oxidase, NM_001184780, NOX, NOX1, Nox2, NOX3, Nox4, NOX4-art, NOX5, p138 thyroid-oxidase, p138tox, p47phox, p67phox, phagocyte NADPH oxidase, phox, RBOH, RBOHB, RbohF, RDH2, RdxA, renal oxidase, renox, Respiratory Burst Oxidase Homolog, respiratory burst oxidase homologue, rth5, SsNOX38, superoxide-generating NADPH oxidase, ThOX, ThOX2, thyroid NADPH oxidase, thyroid oxidase, thyroid oxidase 2, TK0304, TK0828, TK1186, TK1299, TK1481


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.6 Acting on NADH or NADPH
             1.6.3 With oxygen as acceptor
       NAD(P)H oxidase (H2O2-forming)