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BRENDA support acyl-CoA 6-desaturase

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Word Map on EC


+ 2 ferrocytochrome b5 +
+ 2 H+ =
+ 2 ferricytochrome b5 + 2 H2O


acyl-CoA DELTA6-desaturase, acyl-CoA desaturase, acyl-CoA-dependent DELTA6-desaturase, AsD6DES, D6 desaturase, d6-des, D6D, D6Des, DEALTA6I, delta 6 desaturase, DELTA 6-desaturase, delta 6-fatty acid desaturase, DELTA-6 desaturase, delta-6 fatty acid desaturase, DELTA-6-desaturase, DELTA6 desaturase, DELTA6 fatty acid desaturase, DELTA6 fatty acyl desaturase, DELTA6-acyl CoA desaturase, DELTA6-acyl-group desaturase, DELTA6-desaturase, DELTA6-desaturase II, DELTA6-fatty acid desaturase, DELTA6-fatty acyl-CoA desaturase, delta61, DELTA6fad_b, DES6, desaturase, fatty acid DA6-, desaturase, linoleate, DesI, EaD6DES, EC, FA desaturase 2, FADS2, FADS6, fadsd6, FAT-3, fatty acid 6-desaturase, fatty acid DA6-desaturase, fatty acid DELTA 6-desaturase, fatty acid delta-6 desaturase, fatty acid DELTA6-desaturase, fatty acid desaturase 2, fatty acid desaturase-2, GcFADS2, linoleate desaturase, linoleic acid desaturase, linoleic desaturase, linoleoyl CoA desaturase, linoleoyl-coenzyme A desaturase, long-chain fatty acid DELTA6-desaturase, MaFADS6, MaFADS6-I, Md6, MpFADS6, PiDesD6, TpFADS2


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.14 Acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen
             1.14.19 With oxidation of a pair of donors resulting in the reduction of O2 to two molecules of water
       acyl-CoA 6-desaturase